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Everyone knows that organising a wedding is a pretty big task, with the big day in itself a big event. Why not make it even more memorable by including Zorb Football / Bubble Football as part of your celebrations?!


If your venue has some extra space, then Zorb Football Chester will certainly make your wedding stand out as one to remember. Perhaps you are having a weekend wedding and are looking for a fun activity to kick things off the day before the big day? Or maybe the Bride and Groom just fancy getting the best man or maid of honour back for all those stag & hen party antics which should never be spoken about but always remembered!


Zorb Football / Bubble Football will provide a stream of laughter as you see your family and friends crashing into each other, bouncing head over heels and rolling about the pitch. By the end you won’t even remember the score line, just the funniest falls.


If you are having a wedding in the Cheshire, North Wales, Liverpool, Manchester or Stoke areas, then we'll deliver the perfect extra special activity for your big day. Zorb Football / Bubble Football will have everyone literally rolling round with laughter. 


Zorb Football / Bubble Football is also a perfect addition to any family celebration such as Christenings, Bar Mitzvah's and Anniversary's.


Zorb Football Chester will look after you from start to finish. No hassle, just pure enjoyment.


Contact Us to discuss your big day and let us put together an amazing Zorb Football / Bubble Football wedding package which is perfect for you and your guests - we guarantee you won't regret it!

Zorb Football Games


As well as standard 5v5 Zorb Football / Bubble Football, your events will include games such as:


- Royal Rumble


- British Bulldog


- 1v1 Smash KO


- Crossbar Challenge


- Rollerball Relay


Your personal Zorb Football Chester event manager will also set up and referee each game, organise leagues and tournaments and ensure you have the best time possible. 


Zorb Football Videos



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